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Flixel Support August 14, 2013 5 Announcements

To connect Facebook to Flixel, just follow these steps:

In the Flixel app, go to your Profile, tap the Settings gear, then go to Social Networks and tap the Facebook button. When the app asks if it can have access to your Facebook account, tap OK.


For the majority of people, this is all that's required. You can now tap the Facebook icon on the Upload screen to share your creations, and you will now see Facebook as an option in the share sheet when viewing Flixels.



If you're unable to connect to Facebook, here are the 2 things you need to check:

1) To go your device's Settings, then scroll down to Facebook, and make sure the switch for Flixel / Flixel Pro is set to ON


2) Go to https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/flixel_photos from a desktop-based browser and click the "Send to Mobile" button on the right sidebar. This should fix Facebook permissions both on-device and in Facebook's system.



Once you perform these steps, you should be able to post to Facebook! If you're still having difficulties, contact us at support [at] flixel.com and we'll help you out.